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Wolf book cover, with photos of Carter at 5 and with his wife on their 25th anniversary, prairie background with barbed wire

Wolf: A Memoir of Love and Atonement

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This unique, inspiring story is about a person who sought atonement for the damage they caused in their family because they refused to face the trauma of their past. That pursuit resulted in a sudden and shattering revelation—one that forever changed how they viewed their own actions in the world.

It's about the healing that can happen when partners work together with love and compassion to help one of them overcome their demons from childhood or adulthood.

Where many love stories are about romance, courtship, death or divorce, this one is about surviving the struggles in a committed relationship—and going on to create a relationship that endures.

“I was spellbound all the way through.”
– Katherine Hussey, author

“Carter’s memoir is a beautiful and moving story, full of truths and hard-earned wisdom.”
– Carolyn Holbrook, author of Tell Me Your Names and I will Testify, winner of the 2021 MN Book Award in Memoir and Creative Nonfiction

“The delicacy of the writing and purposeful language are only enhanced by the excellent pace. . . . He cares enough about becoming a better person that he immerses himself in learning what has made him tick and ultimately, what will make him a better (and happier) person, husband, father and friend.”
– Debbie Burke, author and editor

“Carter has crafted a complex memoir, skillfully weaving powerful vignettes from a brutally traumatic experience into a parallel, extended tale of personal evasion, reflection and discovery. The rewarding result is a compelling drama on its own, but also an invaluable guide to anyone dealing with the lasting impact of almost any past trauma. All in all, a phenomenal piece of work!”
– Ken Kaliher, journalist


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Author: McNamara, Carter

Copyright: 2022

Publisher: Authenticity Consulting, LLC