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Nonprofit Capacity Building Toolkit (set of 4 books)

Nonprofit Capacity Building Toolkit (set of 4 books)

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"I absolutely believe I would be lost without the guidebooks. They are awesome!"
-- Roger Beutel, Huntington Beach, CA

"Recently I purchased three of your nonprofit guidebooks and have found them to be quite a valuable resource."
-- Mary Beth Lepkowsky, Santa Ynez Valley Chorale & Orchestra, Santa Ynez, CA

"The level of detail is astonishing!"
-- Eric Schmall, Director of Consultation, Center for Nonprofit Excellence, Louisville, Kentucky


Our Nonprofit Capacity Building Toolkit includes complete, step-by-step guidelines, tools and techniques for the most important activities in any nonprofit organization. The Toolkit includes the following four guidebooks -- almost 1,000 pages of useful information -- for a total of $108, a discount of 15%!

  1. Finally, an all-in-one resource for Boards, Field Guide to Developing, Operating and Restoring Your Nonprofit Board, including starting your nonprofit and Board (or fixing a struggling Board) to accomplish strong, ongoing Board governance and operations. Includes roles and responsibilities of Boards, options for Board structures, organizing, decision making, meetings, coordination with staff, hiring/firing and supervising the Executive Director, evaluating Board, nonprofit assessment, etc.
  2. Field Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Facilitation, including traditional and holistic approaches to strategic planning. Carefully guides the reader to customize an approach that suits the nature and needs of their nonprofit. Priority is on producing a plan that is relevant, realistic and flexible. One of few books to include major tools and techniques to facilitate strategic planning, as well. Includes many useful, on-line worksheets.
  3. Field Guide to Leadership and Supervision for Nonprofit Staff, including roles and responsibilities of Executive Director and how to work with the Board. Also includes many topics often forgotten in nonprofit publications, for example: core skills to lead and manage oneself and others, time and stress management, staffing, organizing, team building, employee performance management, avoiding Founder's Syndrome, etc.
  4. Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation: three highly integrated topics that should not be considered separately. Guides readers to develop a wide range of straightforward, highly practical nonprofit plans, for example: logic model, marketing analysis, advertising and promotions, evaluation (including outcomes), staffing, fundraising, business, etc.


Author: McNamara, Carter

Publisher: Authenticity Consulting, LLC