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Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development

Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development

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A Collaborative and Systems Approach to Performance, Change and Learning
(for businesses and government agencies)


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"This is an original and important contribution to the field."
-- Jim Toscano, newly appointed president of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and
adjunct faculty member with Hamline University's Graduate School of Management

"There is a wealth of information here -- an entire career's worth of information.
You don't duck any hard issues. You make them as practical and easy to apply
as I've ever seen. The guide is a gold mine. In my professional opinion, WOW!"

-- Marti Kaplan, organizational development consultant

NOTE: This book is based on the award-winning nonprofit version. If you are interested primarily in working with nonprofits, rather than for-profits,
see our nonprofit book.

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Roadmap for Consultants and Leaders to Accomplish
Significant Change in Businesses and Government Agencies

UNIQUE! This book is certainly unique among books on consulting and leading! For example, there are already many useful consulting books about how to market a consulting business - but marketing does you no good if you have no specialty or expertise to market to potential clients! One of the most prized services is to guide clients' organizations to improve their performance. This book guides you to develop that specialty!

Also, there are already many useful books that explore numerous abstract philosophies, broad paradigms and complex theories on organizational change and leadership - but to remain successful as a consultant and leader, you must be able to do more than think and talk about change - you must be able to actively guide change. This book guides you to develop that expertise!

ALL-IN-ONE! This easy-to-reference, 499-page, all-in-one resource includes descriptions of the most common issues that occur in businesses and government agencies and also how to address each issue. The book also addresses many of the problems with traditional approaches to consulting and leading! Thus, this book is extremely useful, not only to external consultants, but also to leaders and managers - change agents working together "in the trenches" to successfully guide change in their organizations.

TOOLS! This book provides time-tested, straightforward and highly integrated models, tools and techniques for consultants and leaders to successfully improve performance. The book combines highly practical information from the fields of Organization Development and consulting, systems thinking and proven principles for change. Guidelines are organized in a step-by-step, numbered sequence that readers can easily reference. The result is a proven, time-tested roadmap for consultants and leaders to enhance performance, change and learning in organizations. Also includes forms that can be downloaded from the Web.

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What Consultants and Leaders Can Do From Using This Book

  • Understand all about you, the consultant or leader, including how you affect your clients and their employees (often without knowing it) and your skills as a change agent.
  • Be able to work with others, rather than at them.
  • Establish successful working relationships with clients in businesses that are undergoing major change, including with clients who are extremely busy, short of resources or from multicultural organizations.
  • Gain complete participation of others in your projects for change.
  • Ensure that the organization is really ready for major change.
  • Build and guide powerful teams to collaborate with you as you guide change in their organizations.
  • Conduct highly focused, practical assessments, while using a variety of relevant and realistic tools to examine all aspects of the organization.
  • Use a variety of practical systems tools to carefully analyze the quality of all systems in the organization and their interconnections with each other.
  • Recognize the most common types of problems that occur in all types of organizations.
  • Generate specific recommendations to address all issues in the organization -- including recommendations that are based on the strengths of the organization.
  • Develop complete actions plans that are fully aligned and integrated with each other for optimum implementation and effectiveness.
  • Develop a relevant, realistic and flexible Change Management Plan that has the strong ownership and commitment of all members of the organization.
  • Identify what other expertise is needed to implement the Plan and also where and when that expertise should be used.
  • Guide change according to proven principles for successful organizational change.
  • Effectively address resistance from individuals, groups - and from within yourself.
  • Ensure ongoing motivation and momentum during change -- not too slow, not too fast.
  • Recognize and capture learning throughout the project, including peer-based learning.
  • Know when to ask for help, if needed.
  • Know when and how to leave a project, if needed.
  • Know how to stay sane and centered during long journeys for change.

Types of Audiences Who Can Benefit From Book

  • Leaders and managers who want to learn how to identify and solve complex problems or to achieve overall exciting goals in their businesses.
  • Inexperienced consultants who want a firm foundation of skills for change.
  • Specialists who want to expand their skills for larger and longer impact.
  • Training centers that want to train people how to successfully consult to -- and lead change in -- businesses.
  • Businesses that hire consultants and want to understand what the consultant is really doing to guide change and also how to ensure that those consultants are indeed very effective.
  • Firms that hire consultants and want to be sure that those consultants have strong expertise for guiding change in businesses.

This Book Is For Consultants and Leaders Who, For Example:

  • Want to understand and work with the "big picture" in organizations.
  • Are sometimes intimidated when faced with guiding major change in an organization.
  • Want to use more than one skill in one part of an organization.
  • Are tired of handing off projects to other people who have stronger skills in organization-wide change.
  • Are tired of "winging it" and want to keep more clear and consistent perspective on their work during projects for change.
  • Want to be sure that the organization has an overall healthy foundation from which to grow -- and want to be the ones to help form that foundation.
  • Are faced with an organization that has many recurring issues and aren't sure what to do.
  • Suspect that there is a lot that they don't know about organizational change.
  • Suspect that traditional approaches to consulting and leading change are not nearly as effective as many people believe.
  • Have read various books on organizational change, but suspect that the concepts in those books will work only with very large organizations that have unlimited resources.
  • Have read books that very generally suggest what to do for change,
    but they still aren't really sure how to do it.

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Author: McNamara, Carter

Copyright: 2005

Publisher: Authenticity Consulting, LLC