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Field Guide to Leadership and Supervision for Nonprofit Staff

Field Guide to Leadership and Supervision for Nonprofit Staff

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Until now, it has been very difficult to find a publication that deals with the many day-to-day challenges faced by nonprofit leaders and supervisors. This highly practical guide is customized particularly to the real world of the nonprofit Executive Director and other leaders and supervisors among nonprofit staff. Guidelines are written in an easy-to-implement style, resulting in a highly practical resource that is useful at any time in the life of a nonprofit organization. Guidelines show you how to:

  • Lead from a plan-based, systems view of the nonprofit organization and its programs
  • Lead each of the most important functions in a nonprofit
  • Lead successful organization-wide change
  • Pick the best Board model/structure for your Board
  • Work in strategic partnership with your Board
  • Discern how much you Board should be involved in the management of the nonprofit
  • Determine the CEO's compensation, conduct succession planning, and form a contract with the CEO
  • Lead and manage yourself, including how to avoid burnout
  • Hire, train and retain the best employees
  • Organize and lead successful teams
  • Ensure all staff and volunteers contribute directly to achieving the goals of the nonprofit organization
  • Detect and address Founder's Syndrome

This guidebook is very useful for:

  • Founders and Executive Directors of nonprofits
  • Nonprofit managers or supervisors
  • Members of nonprofit Boards of Directors
  • Nonprofit management consultants
  • HRD professionals working with nonprofits

This is a clear, concise and comprehensive guidebook written by the author of one of the world's largest on-line libraries for managers, leaders and supervisors, the Free Management Library(sm).

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Author: McNamara, Carter

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: Authenticity Consulting, LLC